February and my WRG3s

Mother nature is catching up for a slow December and January.

Like most of you, we have gotten hammered with snow. I completely expected the WRG3 to slip in snow performance. Dry handling and braking remain ideal. When the thought crosses my mind to check on the wear indicators, I am pleased with the condition the tires are in. The tires see a lot of highway and a lot of hard cornering on the backroads (I have a $200 ticket to proved that!). These black beauties are holding up like champs. The tires are just starting to show wear on the 6. For those not aware - the WRG3 comes with handy wear indicators. They sort of prepare you for the inevitable. As you decrease from 4 then to 2, your tires becomes less responsive to snow and rain.

So, what has February brought us? All types of snow. Wet and dry alike. Overnight snow, snow during the day, and above all, snow when you don't expect it. The frequency of snow had made me live with it. What I mean is this - I gotta live even if this stuff comes at the rate it does. I have to go to work and to the store still. The WRG3 tire allows me to coexist with snow.

Going into my second season I can state for the record, these tires have always provide forward momentum regardless of the snow total. With traction control and the WRG3 tires, these tires propel me to where I need to go. More importanly they stop me as well. I was warned before I bought the Prius that the car was not ideal in snow. Not a concern with these tires. We have a Honda Pilot that I NEVER take out when the weather goes bad. There is no need to.

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