Early spring break up in the Northwoods

After below zero temps in the first week of March the weather did a 180 and now we are sweltering in 20 to 30 degrees above average!  The roads are quickly thawing and it's turning into a mess on dirt roads. The frost is still deep and the water just sits on top.

The R2 tires are doing well with the changing conditions.

I usually take the winter tires off begining of May but this El nino winter is something else. I'm thinking mid April now.

I'll sure miss these tires they have been outstanding in many ways. They far exceeded my expectations 3 years ago when I first got them

They've proven themselves in all conditions and Nokian continues to set the bar higher for Winter tires.


Hope everyone enjoys the extended daylight ! 


I'll be posting more . Winter isn't over yet up here.!

Spring break up on the back roads is never nice
It's March , time to start cutting firewood again


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