"...it will be like driving a tank."

The salesman peered over the tires on my the Honda Pilot.

"Maybe another month or two. Check back with me in November."

We walked back into MGB Tires and started discussing options. I could stick with the EnTyre and go with the new 2.0. the ones on the Pilot had served us well. Grippy and quiet. I inquired about the WRG3s. He looked out the window at the Honda. "Oh man, you put those on and it will drive like a tank.".

Last Saturday, after a quick install and alignment, I was on the road. I was nervous. What would change? Would these be louder or harsher? They are a bit more stiff. The WRG3 are H rated, while the previous EnTyres were T rated. Handling concerns? Not one. Noisier? Just a tad more. I have to drive it more on the highway to really tell.

After nothing but a stellar experience with the WRG3 on my Prius, I have high hopes for these on our Pilot.

Waiting to be mounted


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