You've bought a luxury car. The next step: premium tires

Let's face it: You didn't buy a luxury car to have a mediocre driving experience. You want ultimate safety, comfort and performance from your vehicle. 

"Let’s say you buy a BMW," explains Horatiu Boeriu of BMWBLOG podcast. "You’re buying it because it’s the ultimate driving machine, right? They are dynamic, they are fun, they are luxurious, they ride well, they handle well, they’re fast. Wouldn’t you want to maximize the amount of traction and the capability your performance car has in winter?"

We think he's right: A premium driving machine deserves premium tires. That's especially true during the winter months, when the need for safety on sketchy roads overrides all other priorities. 

Why, then, do people settle for less than the best? Many drivers buy lower-quality winter tires, while others opt to stick with all-season tires year-round. Since all-season tires aren't built to perform in wintry conditions, that's a dangerous decision. It also fails to maximize your luxury car's potential.

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"If you have all-season tires…when the temperatures start to go down and your tires can’t handle it, you’re gonna have no grip," Boeriu said. "Your really impressive performance car is gonna go pretty much nowhere. You aren’t gonna be able to enjoy it, push it, have fun with it on all-season tires in winter.

"Winter tires will allow you to do that. It’s an investment that can not only save your life, but also allows you to really appreciate the car you just spent a lot of money on for four seasons out of the year, rather than just three."


What does that mean for you? In areas that experience severe winter conditions, it means purchasing a set of winter tires from the inventor of the winter product. If you live somewhere with milder -- but unpredictable -- winters, our winter-approved all-weather tires are a premium year-round solution.

"There are repeated, numerous scientific tests that prove winter tires are a massive step up over even the best all-season tires in freezing temperatures, snow, slush, icy roads," said Boeriu. "They can save your life. I think that’s a small price to pay to have the peace of mind to know you’re on the safest possible tires when you drive every day. To me, I think it’s a no-brainer."

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