Copper Country Vacation with the eNTYRE 2.0

deleware,mi home of 390.4" snowfall

With summer in the rear view mirror its time to start thinking Fall Colors and cool temps.

With a very mild September this year the colors are about a week behind. We had this trip planned for a month so Last week we packed up the Family and headed 2.5 hrs to michigans copper country, or otherwise the Keweenaw peninsula.

We made the trip and made many stops along the way on varies road surfaces from dirt, gravel and blacktop.

The tires remain very quiet and give the sense of low rolling resistance like advertised.

I would highly recommend these tires for summer time, I'm not sure i'd run them in the winter unless you lived in a warmer climate.

We drove through some roads with alot of sharp rock and naturally I was concerned about punctures. The tires faired really well with no damage to the tread. I trust these tires daily to keep my family safe and these tires continue to impress.

I will leave you with some pictures from the trip.

three lakes ,mi
deleware mine remains
Keweenaw county snow thermometer updated yearly, arrow marks last seasons snowfall
past U.S 41 heading to horseshoe bay
Brockway mtn, near copper harbor
near copper harbor,mi Crystal clear Lake Superior
top of Michigan Sunset over Lake Superior


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