Confident for a reason.

We had the hurricane inspired rains come through NJ all day Wednesday. My kind of day but untill recently I really was not sure of my all-seasons and any trips I would like to have made on one of these days. Now with the WRG3's it's a different story. I was cautious at first on a 6am open road NYC trip. But as I felt connected more and more to the road I let it rip and had a blast. The roads were empty and mine. I sped off from a dead stop with no tire spin, stopped on a dime and took S-turns like an Indy driver and then realized I was sticking like glue despite the water and leaves trying their best to wreck me out. They almost got a tractor trailer in front of me though. The only thing you have to do is watch for the other guys with the sub-par rubber and you'll be ok. Finally a fitting test for my Nokian's and they passed with flying colors. Great job guys. I am impressed. Bye for now.

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