This past week a colleague of mine was talking up the merits of the new winter tires he had installed on his truck. He had purchased the popular Blizzak tire and was keen to share with all in the office the amazing grip they afforded on the roads around town. When lunch time came around I offered to take him in my truck to our favorite lunch stop. I threw my friend the keys and asked if he would drive my truck for me. After only a couple of miles he asked me what kind of tires I had on my truck. I told him about my Hakkas, that I had installed them on all three of the family vehicles and that one would be hard pressed to find better tires for the conditions we drive in. He did not respond to me nor did he ask more about my tires during lunch. He did however ask to drive my truck back to our office and thanked me for letting him do so. On Friday afternoon my friend called me and asked where he could buy Nokian Tires as he needed new winter tires for his Wife's SUV. I wonder why he wasn't planning on Blizzaks for her?

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