Cold and Rainy

It's been cold and rainy here.  I love the tires in the rain.  They grip really well.  The drive always feels tight and I've never felt them lose grip in the rain.  They feel really solid.

I'm also happy to report that in this freezing cold weather, they work really well too. They feel just the same as they did in warm weather.  We hit 7 degrees the other day.  The tires drove like it was 70.

In dry weather, I don't even notice the tires.  They do their job; everything feels right.  In the rain, snow, and ice, I only notice them when I realized I should have slipped or skidded somewhere and I didn't.   I'm very happy with these WRG3 all season tires.  I really like not having to replace the tires for the season too.  Call me lazy, but it's nice not having to think about them.  They just work.

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