Boston Snow... Will it ever stop!!!

The blog was down during February, but I wanted to make sure I got a chance to mention Monday Feburary 9th!!!

The Morning began with 6” of snow before 7am.  Because of all the recent snow, the plows were having a hard time keeping up.  The roads were very "splotchy" - some plowed, some raw, others just tire tracks...  The highways where the plows were working in rotation even had 3" of snow.  My car had a few issues sliding/fish tailing, (mostly due to me trying to see if I could fishtail), but overall the weather was very manageable with my Hakkapellittas.  I was able to travel speed limit (35mph city, 65mph highway) with no issues - flying by people traveling 30mph on the highways (2 lanes away).  I noted several cars off the road from taking the off-ramps (exits) too fast/ not having a set of Nokian winter tires...

When I got out of work the afternoon of February 9th, there had been another 6-8" of snowfall during the day.  I cleaned my car off and easily trudged through the deep snow in the parking lot.  On the main roads (state highways - route 1, 95N) the snow was pretty thick, approx 2-3”.  My car handled well, but slid around a little when making turns at speed.  Most of 95N was pretty clear, so there were no issues, however the side streets were a mess!  I was able to manuever and drive through plow drifts left from plowing the main roads and slowly (albeit safely) drive into my driveway through 8” of snow.

I can't even imagine what I would have had to do if I didn't have snow tires this winter... I'm a believer!!

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