Black Ice in Perth-Andover NB

Dec 2nd This week we had mild snowfalls. Temperatures oscillated around the freezing point causing black ice to form over roads. Small amounts of snow kept melting and turning into ice throughout the day. Difficult to see from drivers’ seat, this very slippery ice can be dangerous. I travel around 17Km (11miles) every day through lots of horizontal and vertical curves full of cracks and holes. The main road I drive goes along the St John River up to a First Nations Reserve with a speed limit of 80km/hr (50MPH). In the reserve it’s 40km/hr (25MPH) but the conditions of the road force drivers to go slower than that. Nokian R2 SUV provide perfectly safe tire performance all the time on these curves with black ice here and there. I never had a sense of lose of control at all.

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