Back to it.

Last week I blogged about a lack of miles. Boy, things do change fast in my life. I now have a 85 mile daily commute to my new job. It's all highway, mostly Route 287 S and Route 78 West. I wouldn't be able to do this without these tires. It rained two days this week and add to it that I am driving in the pitch black pretty much solely at 5am sans a few sleepy tractor trailers. I felt pretty confident hitting 75-80 MPH to keep up with the faster traffic to get home especially quicker. I took a few sharp turns at over the posted speed limit and did not immediately regret the decision. I just wanted to see if they would hold tight and they did. So far, clear and dry or wet and leaf filled roads pose no challenge for the WRG3's. Bring on the ice and snow mother nature. Bye for now.

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