As the year ends...

This winter was full of ups and downs, but the tires helped me forge through all the unfavorable road conditions. For my job, I had to work my way into some questionable parking spaces - covered in ice or mounds of snow, and I didn't experience any real problems. This was very comforting becuase I really wasn't looking to try and walk a few blocks in the dark by myself. They helped me drive over roads that were covered in snow and slush and gripped nicely and didn't cause any sliding. I have noticed that my coasting is slowed a bit, but quite honestly that is of little consequence when I know that I can make it safely over the roads. Yesterday the tires even let me pull off the road into a muddy and mucky lot to help assist a stranded motorist who got a flat tire. I could easily pull out after being parked in the muck for a while with no spinning or problems.

As the new year is about to begin I hope that everything continues to work out well.

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