April Fools'

It's been a cold winter and most are tired of Winter, Myself I don't mind at all. Recently We had mostly dry roads except melting snowfall running across roads etc. This was the first time I got to test for hydroplaning this season. I was coming around a sharp turn with a on coming car I was forced to stay right where a large pool of melt water covering most of my lane, I proceeded through the water around 40mph and the hydroplaning was minimal, I was impressed how well they did in the standing water. The next day there was Orange cones set up around that area. I can't imagine going through there with a average tire. The warm up was short lived just when our snow pac was down around 30" . Then we get another 11'' helping to reduce our snow deficit some. The tires remain impressive with awesome traction and braking abilities. notice the dates of the pictures and you can see how nice it was one day with clear roads then the storm transforms everything.

Sometimes April Fools' comes later in the month! The Hakka R2's tires will remain on till at least May 1st . Even then we get some decent snows in May some years. I'd like to thank Everyone that subscribed to my blog this year and really enjoyed sharing my Nokian Tire experience with everyone . I'll continue to blog till the tires come off in may.   Thanks and have a Great Spring!

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