April and the Freeze thaw cycle

This Weekend We decided to take the long way to town and do some hiking on the rock hard 2' snowpack. The previous day we had 60 degrees ! the next day was only in the 20's. This make for some rough road conditions as well as slick areas. The warm Weather actually brought out some bear as evidenced by some tracks. We also Found moose tracks which is always a good sign of the wildlife making it through another Harsh Winter. 

We took the Lucerne and for those that remember I liked the Hakka R2's so much on the Jetta I had to Buy a set for the Buick this past Fall. My wife is the primary driver on that car and she tells me how much she likes the tires and how safe she feels driving the Car. I feel great knowing my family is as safe as possible.

Winter is slowly loosing its grip but it takes alot of time to reverse 200'' of snowfall.

I'll leave you with some Pics of Our travels

till next time Keep those tires on the ice and that Firewood burning!

Northern Marquette Co, MI  Easter weekend​
Check out the treads on these tires!​
these tires just beg to be driven on Ice​
Marquette co. High country​
Even -32 during the winter and it didn't take long for spring break up​
Looks more like a luge then a road​