Anticipating Snow

We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow here in Vermont and I am excited about that. What I am not excited about is the fact that I have yet to do the Winter Tire changeover. Last season, I enjoyed the Hakkapeliitta R2's on my Toyota Landcruiser. Best Winter tyres I have ever owned, bar none. I roll the Nordman 4's on my Hyundai and they are seemingly light years behind the R2 technology. The Nordman is basically the old Hakkapelitta I was told by my friends at my local Vianor store. I guess it just shows how much the Hakkapeliitta technology has come in the past several years. This season I am thinking about the new Hakkapeliitta 8. The Eco-Stud concept is simply mind blowing to me. The Anchor Stud is awesome and the flange design that reduces impact on the road is revolutionary. I can't wait to see how much snow tomorrow's storm will bring. If our local Wooly Bear Caterpillars are any indicator, then this season is going to be a good one, with tons and tons of white, fluffy, powder snow.