All in a Day's Work

The daily commute: Something that is simultaneously better and worse than then work day itself. And that thrill is only augmented by lousy weather. I'll admit that I'm lucky enough to have a short commute, but that doesn't prevent me from putting up with several miles of potential lousy road conditions, terrifying drivers in abnormally large SUVs and anything else that might potentially be thrown in the way.

This year, I've driven through slippery and slushy roads multiple times, often times being the last person to leave the office. Naturally, I love the stress of leaving the office with significant snow accumulation in the dark. My enjoyment levels only increase when I realize the roads are completely hidden by a white blanket, and my Jeep is also covered.

But thankfully, I've gotten from point A to point B perfectly throughout each attempt. I'm a glutton for punishment, and I like to know what I'm dealing with when driving in bad conditions. When it's safe, I'll slam on my brakes or take turns more treacherously. After work, it's almost a form of stress relief! Yeah, that's kind of funny. But wouldn't you know it, these tires grip the road pretty darn well. Even my neighbors tell me how great they are, having had them in the past. Not like I WANT more snow, being in New England, but it's almost a shame the weather is finally getting warmer. I was kind of enjoying getting some use out of my WRG3s. Well, I guess there's still time. . .

I appreciate having a dependable batch of tires. It helps simplify my life and give me control over something that is generally, well, out of control.