A recent WRG3 Observation

I am a former two snow tire guy. 

In the past, my "common sense" and my "wallet" didn't have much of a relationship. I would allow my wallet to rationalize that two snow tires (front tires) we "good enough". I honestly thought this and believed it. I equated my ability to get up a snow covered incline with good snow performance. 

Since I have had the WRG3s, I have seen the light. Snow dust covered corners and coffee spilling "oh sh*t!" braking situations remind me that rear snow tires have a purpose. 

My wallet does like the fact that I don't have to pay my pal Lucky down at the local tire joint $20 a tires to do a spring change-over. The 2015 dirving season will be interesting. i thought the WRG3s would be shot soon. Far from it actually. I figure that by December of 2015, these will have 40k on them or more. What will next year's winter have in store for me? Will the tires be up for the challenge?