A Cold, Winter's Journey: Somewhere in Middle

The winter has been a long road. Literally. In many ways. A) My difficulty with sharing content on this blog due to a variety of technical issues, and B) the snow. I heard in the autumn months that the farmers' almanac forecased a bad winter. I scoffed. How would the almanac know?

November came and went. December came and went. Enter January, and well, I forget what color grass is. It's white, right?

I've had the privledge of taking my WR G3s out in the snow several times now. When I'm driving by my lonesome, I'll intentionally, albeit safely, tempt fate to see how slippery the roads are by taking a turn a little more heavily than usual, or braking harder than an intelligable person would normally do. I'm pleased to say that these tires rock. I'll write more about my seasonal exploits soon, but I'll leave with this awfully filmed but yet oddly traquil video of me driving home from work on Tuesday, March 3rd.