4 Month review of the Hakka R2

Well it's been about 4 months now and the R2's are holding up nicely. We've continued cold and just a few days ago We had -30 and reports up -41 in the area. Our snow is around 130" which is below avg , this is largely due to Lake superior being vastly frozen. I checked out the tire softness for grins during that cold morning and I wasn't surprised but the tires were amazingly soft !

My MPG's are holding steady at 35 and the tires appear to have no wear on them several thousand miles later.

The lateral grip remains solid and predictable. Most people would not feel comfortable driving with me if they were used to other tires. I'm very pleased with the HAKKA R2's and its safe to say they are the best tire I've driven on in the north Country.

Till next time Keep your tires on the Ice and the firewood burning