35k miles with the WRG3

"How much?"

Dad was not buying it.

Tirerack.com is an enabler for people who focus way too much on their tires. Just when I thought I could get him to take a ride to MGB Tires in Thomaston and enjoy some old fashioned customer service, he gagged on the cost of getting a new set of WRG3s for his new car.

"I can get (brand X) online for $65 a tire!"

I took a minute to explain that the Nokians were more than the tire he mentioned. These are regular tires and snow tires in one great package I explained. The tread life is awesome and I just got through a second winter of honest to goodness carefree driving.

He wasn't buying it. He mentioned a few other tires that were highly rated online. BTW - don't get me started by these one shot, five word reviews you read online. Some people should really be banned from their computers!

Are Nokians for everyone? Well, they should be, but you can't convince everyone. I was more impressed this winter with the tires than I was last winter. I beat on mine all year round and there was not one single difference from the way they handled last year until now.

While I am not a hard-core Prius owner, I will keep you updated on how my mileage works out. The warmer weather is already helping improve my average...



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