Writer Benjamin Newburn
Car: Audi TT
Tires: Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8
location: London

I know, I've been slacking...

Well I've been slacking on the blog posts due to preparing for and going to the first round of the Rally America championship in Atlanta Michigan.  The event is called "Sno*Drift" and this year it more than lived up to it's name!  The combination of the Hakkas and Subaru AWD was unstoppable in northern MI in January!  They gave PLENTY of grip while pulling other all wheel drive models with less tire out of ditches and I received many comments from folks on the braking ability on icy surfaces.  Walking around Parc Expose (pre race "car show"/meet and greet with drivers) I noticed quite a few sets of Nokians on the cars that were competing in the rally as well, the teams I spoke to claimed that they had forgotten that any other winter tire even exists!  The trip up there and back was smooth and easy sailing and I contribute a LOT of that to the confidence in the Hakkas.  They have amazed me repeatedly and I'm PROUD to fly the Nokian flag.  Several of the local Subaru crowd have been asking about them and every single one that has been for a ride in the car with snow or ice on the ground is sold on them.  We take our snow driving/fun pretty seriously and the Nokian has become the local king of the road.

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